Join the Conscious Evolution

New Dream Foundation works with thought leaders and individuals committed to creating a thriving, happy, and more peaceful world through personal and global conscious evolution.

Together we…


  • Honor and respect the sacredness of all life within each person, the animals, the planet, and all of creation.
  • Build online communities that raise awareness and respect for our differences, as well as celebrate our common values.
  • Empower humanity’s higher destiny by nurturing the inner peace that leads to outer peace in the world.
  • Transcend the pain of conflict by cultivating deeper, more honest, and respectful communication, leading to compassionate understanding, and solutions that are “for” one another.
  • Develop and promote leadership education based in respect, creativity and compassion.
  • Foster a balance of feminine and masculine principles essential to harmony and our capacity to thrive together.

Heart-Centered Initiatives